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Introducing the dynamic Copper-belt newcomers, a sensational duo known as Ama Deyruch! Bursting onto the music scene with unparalleled energy, they present their latest dancehall club anthem, titled “Kutumpa uko.” Translated as “Bad Manners,” this track delves into a vivid exploration of various instances where individuals exhibit disrespectful behavior.

Ama Dey’Ruch, the epitome of innovation and rhythm, ingeniously weaves together an infectious blend of beats and lyrics that not only get you moving on the dance floor but also prompt reflection on societal behaviors. “Kutumpa uko” serves as a musical commentary, shedding light on the diverse manifestations of bad manners in our daily lives.

Within the pulsating rhythm and catchy melodies of this club banger, Ama Dey’Ruch skillfully narrates tales of rudeness, insolence, and disregard for common courtesy. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of scenarios where people flaunt bad manners, creating a narrative that resonates with listeners on a personal level. From the subtleties of conversation to the bold gestures that cross the line, the duo captures the essence of societal misconduct.

The track is not just a celebration of music; it’s a social commentary, urging listeners to reflect on their own actions and the actions of those around them. Ama Dey’Ruch’s “Kutumpa uko” serves as a mirror, reflecting the kaleidoscope of behaviors that make up the tapestry of human interactions.

With an infectious rhythm that transcends borders and lyrics that speak to the shared human experience, Ama Dey’Ruch has not only birthed a new club anthem but has also ignited a conversation about the nuances of etiquette and respect. Get ready to groove to the beats and contemplate the societal reflections woven into the fabric of “Kutumpa uko” as Ama Dey’Ruch takes you on a musical journey through the dance hall.