Chile One’s Family Ordered To Leave The Court Room

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HELL BROKE LOOSE in the Kitwe Magistrate’s Court yesterday when Chile ones family members were ordered to leave the courtroom.

The drama was triggered after an instruction was given to the gallery by a court interpreter of Principle Resident magistrate Chongo Musonda to decongest the court.

The police officers from Kitwe Central Police station were ordered to enter the courtroom so as to remove some family members.

However, parents to the late Richard Chileshe popularly known as Chile one, Elizabeth Mbulu, Nathan Mbulu and other family members did not receive the news well.

The family refused to leave court suggesting that it was not a defilement case nor was it a case that was in the chambers for people not to be allowed.

They accused the police of being too overzealous in the manner the case was being handled

“Why should we be asked to leave court when we are the ones who brought the matter to court, if we cannot hear the proceedings then then the court should get rid of the case, they should acquit her and let us go because we are the ones who have lost out,” some family members said.

And upon seeing the confusion that had erupted in court, the accused person, the distraught Annie Monta who sat on the accused person’s bench did nothing but bow her head down and cried uncontrollably.

And when court was in session, magistrate Musonda instructed that only eight members of the family would be allowed in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

Magistrate Musonda instructed that four members from the deceased family and four members from the accused family would remain in court.

She also instructed journalists to produce their credentials before covering the court case.

“Before we can start court, why are there so many people in my courtroom, can I have four members from the deceased and four members from the accused family remain in court, the rest can we go out, quickly you are wasting my time,” She said.

The matter has been adjourned to June 31, this year for another mention.

Monta 30 is charged with murder contrary to the laws of Zambia.