Chilz B x Smack Boy x Joss P & Cb – Zesco Why (Prod by 3P)

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“Zesco Why” is a powerful and heartfelt collaboration by Chilz B, Smack Boy, Joss P, and Cb that dives into the struggles faced by many Zambians due to the persistent power outages and the soaring cost of living. The track is a blend of hip-hop and afrobeat, creating an infectious rhythm that carries a serious message.

The lyrics express the artists’ frustrations with Zesco, the national electricity supplier, for implementing prolonged load-shedding schedules that often result in up to 12 hours without power. They paint a vivid picture of the daily challenges and disruptions this causes, from businesses suffering to the personal inconveniences endured by ordinary citizens. The chorus poignantly questions, “Zesco, why?” capturing the widespread discontent and plea for better solutions.

In addition to the power issues, the song also addresses the skyrocketing price of Mealie Meal, a staple food in Zambia. The artists lament how this essential commodity has become increasingly unaffordable, adding to the economic strain on families. Their verses intertwine personal anecdotes and broader social commentary, making “Zesco Why” not just a song but a voice for the voiceless, a call for change, and a reflection of the collective grievances of the people.

With its compelling beat, relatable lyrics, and passionate delivery, “Zesco Why” is set to resonate deeply with listeners, highlighting significant societal issues while showcasing the artists’ talents and solidarity with their community.