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“Inshita,” a captivating collaboration between Jah Mpundu, N`Tony, and Mac F, is a powerful anthem that explores the concept of time and its profound impact on our lives. Sung in Bemba, with “Inshita” translating to “Time,” the song is a lyrical journey through the inevitabilities and rhythms of life.

The artists delve into the idea that every individual, every endeavor, and every dream has its appointed time to flourish and come to fruition. With soulful melodies and compelling lyrics, Jah Mpundu, N`Tony, and Mac F remind listeners that patience and perseverance are key, and that success and fulfillment come in their own time.

The track blends traditional African sounds with contemporary beats, creating a rich and immersive musical experience. Jah Mpundu’s heartfelt vocals, complemented by N`Tony’s and Mac F’s dynamic contributions, deliver a message of hope and resilience. “Inshita” is not just a song but a poignant reminder that timing is everything, and that one’s moment of triumph will surely come if they remain steadfast and true to their path.

Whether you understand Bemba or not, the emotive delivery and universal theme of “Inshita” resonate deeply, making it a timeless piece that inspires and uplifts.