Jemax ft Xaven – Battery Low

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The new song “Battery Low” by Jemax featuring Xaven is a fresh and exciting club banger that has just hit the music scene. The track features a rapper who candidly shares his sexual desires with his partner, inviting her to join him in exploring each other’s bodies.

Throughout the song, the rapper paints a vivid picture of the passionate encounter he envisions, encouraging his partner to go to bed early in anticipation of the experience they will share together. His lyrics are provocative and sensual, expressing his yearning for intimacy and his desire to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

With its catchy beat and provocative lyrics, “Battery Low” is sure to be a hit on dance floors and radio stations alike. This new release showcases Jemax’s and Xaven’s lyrical prowess, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next collaboration. Whether you’re a fan of rap or just looking for a catchy new club anthem, “Battery Low” is definitely worth checking out.