Kidblow ft King B – Overdose

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Hailing from the enchanting town of Chingola, particularly Lulamba the talented artist known as Kidblow graces us with his latest musical masterpiece, a captivating love ballad entitled “Overdose,” featuring the remarkable King B. In this melodious composition, Kidblow passionately articulates his exhilaration over the sheer magnificence of his beloved, who showers him with an abundance of affection and devotion.

“Overdose” is not just a song; it’s a heartfelt declaration of the overwhelming emotions that come with being in love. Kidblow’s dulcet vocals and poignant lyrics convey the depth of his feelings, painting a vivid picture of a romance that is nothing short of extraordinary. With every note, he skillfully weaves a tale of a love that is so intense, it feels like an intoxicating overdose.