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Chamwa Entertainments’ affiliated artist Neo, also known as Neo Slayer Zambia, has released a brand new album titled “Boy || Man”, which can also be written as “Boy 2 Man” or “Boy to Man”. This is Neo’s second studio album, featuring a collection of ten songs and collaborations with various artists.

The album includes contributions from artists such as Kasy D, Izrael, Kell Kay, and Mic Burner. Unlike his previous works, Neo has opted for a more streamlined approach with fewer featured artists and a concise set of tracks, focusing on delivering a powerful and cohesive musical experience.

In reflecting on the themes of his album, Neo writes, “I think love is stronger than any addiction. I think love is the emotion that makes us human. Like a kite, it makes us reach for the sky, and I think only love can build you a bridge of light. A new chapter begins with ‘Boy II Man.’ Grateful for your support on this journey.”

Neo Slayer Zambia has been a prominent figure in the Zambian music industry for over a decade, known for his resilience and consistency despite facing various challenges. He has released several hit songs throughout his career, earning him a dedicated fan base. At one point, he was often compared to fellow artist Yo Maps, though this rivalry has diminished over time due to various circumstances.

Previously signed with Nexus Music Entertainment, Neo’s departure from the label remains somewhat mysterious, with details not widely known to the public. He is now working with Chamwa Entertainment, where he continues to develop his artistry.

“Boy To Man” is expected to garner significant attention, reflecting Neo’s growth and evolution as an artist. The album’s second track, titled “Circle Of Life”, exemplifies the introspective and mature themes that run throughout the album. With “Boy || Man”, Neo Slayer Zambia is set to further cement his legacy in the Zambian music scene.