Dizmo – Umuntu Mutwe (Full Album)

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Dizmo Unleashes Musical Brilliance: “Umuntu Mutwe” Album Hits the Airwaves in 2024

Prepare yourselves for a musical extravaganza as the pre-eminent artist of Apa Ili So Entertainment, Dizmo steps into 2024 with the much-anticipated release of his second studio album, “Umuntu Mutwe.” This project is more than just an album; it’s a testament to DizMo’s artistic prowess and commitment to delivering exceptional content to his devoted fanbase.

Album Overview:
“Umuntu Mutwe” is a masterpiece comprising twenty-four (24) tracks that promise to take listeners on an unparalleled sonic journey. Each track is meticulously crafted, showcasing Dizmo’s evolution as an artist and his ability to transcend musical boundaries. The album’s diversity ensures there’s something for everyone, from hard-hitting rap verses to soulful collaborations.

Star-Studded Collaborations:
One of the highlights of “Umuntu Mutwe” is the star-studded lineup of collaborations that add an extra layer of excitement to the album. DizMo has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Macky 2, Daev Zambia, Namadingo, Jae Cash, Tommy Dee, Emtee, Bobby East, Ruff Kid, Ndine Emma, Chef 187, Cleo Ice Queen, Jay Rox, Tio Nason, Wezi, Petersen, T-Sean, Stevo, and many more.

The diverse array of featured artists ensures a dynamic listening experience, with each track bringing a unique blend of styles and influences. From the energetic synergy of Macky 2 and Tommy Dee to the soulful melodies of Wezi and Namadingo, “Umuntu Mutwe” promises to be a musical kaleidoscope that captivates the senses.

1.Dizmo feat Macky 2 – Bit By Bit (mp3 Download)
2.Dizmo ft Daev – I Do mp3 Download
3.Dizmo ft. Namadingo – Madaliso
4.Dizmo ft. Jae Cash, Jemax & Selemanyo – Loko
5.Dizmo ft. Tommy Dee & Narcisse Walter – No Mahafu
6.Dizmo – Shareholder
7.Dizmo ft Emtee – Rizler & Lighter
8.Dizmo ft. Bobby East & Kay Joe – Imbwa Ndine
9.Dizmo ft. Kupa Kontra – I Choose You
10.Dizmo ft. Ndine Emma & Ruff Kid – Sister Watu
11.Dizmo ft Chef 187 & Y Ace – All Networks mp3 Download
Dizmo ft. Kupa Kontra – I Choose You

A Glimpse into the Collaborations:
Macky 2 and Tommy Dee: Brace yourself for an explosive combination of lyrical prowess and charismatic delivery.

  • Daev Zambia and Cleo Ice Queen: A seamless blend of soulful vocals and rap finesse that transcends genres.
  • Emtee and Bobby East: A cross-border collaboration that merges South African and Zambian musical influences.

As Dizmo sets the stage for a musical revolution in 2024, “Umuntu Mutwe” stands as a testament to his dedication to the craft. With its diverse tracks and noteworthy collaborations, this album is set to make waves in the local music scene and on a global scale. Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure like never before as DizMo’s “Umuntu Mutwe” takes center stage, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment world.