Rockstone ft Chef 187 & Sianene – Woman King

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Certified Female Rapper Rockstone Zm Unleashes New Hip-Hop Anthem “Woman King” Featuring Chef 187 and Sianene

Rockstone Zm, a certified female rapper making waves in the hip-hop scene, has unveiled her latest powerful record, “Woman King.” This track showcases her exceptional talent and features the renowned lyricist Chef 187, along with the soulful backing vocals of Sianene. King Nachi expertly handled the production of this masterpiece.

In “Woman King,” Rockstone Zm teams up with the lyrical sensei Chef 187 to create a groundbreaking and phenomenal soundtrack. The collaboration brings together Rockstone’s dynamic flow, Chef 187’s sharp lyricism, and Sianene’s captivating vocals, resulting in a track that is both impactful and unforgettable. “Woman King” not only highlights the prowess of these artists but also cements Rockstone Zm’s position as a rising star in the hip-hop industry.