Sarkodie feat Ruger -Till We Die


The award-winning Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, Sarkodie, dished out this amazing music named, ‘Till We Die’, featuring Ruger.

Sarkodie has released a new single titled ‘Till We Die’, featuring fellow artist Ruger. The collaboration between the two artists promises to bring together their unique sounds and styles to create a track that is sure to please fans of both artists.

‘Till We Die’ is a track that is sure to get people grooving, with its infectious beats and catchy melody. The track is a testament to the creative talents of both Sarkodie, and Ruger, and is a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat and Amapiano music, released in the year 2023.

The collaboration between these two artists is highly anticipated, and fans can expect to hear a track that showcases their individual talents while also highlighting the strengths of their collaboration. Sarkodie and Ruger are both highly admired in the music industry, and their coming together is sure to create something special.

MOG Beatz, one of the top-notch Ghanaian music producers, known for making the most-pleasant sounds in music production is the brain behind the production of this amazing music. Enjoy below!