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Stoma Yomad ft Trendy P x Fineboy Art-san – Laka (Prod by Pro Exo)


The song “Laka” by Stoma Yomad featuring Trendy P and Fineboy Art-san is a vibrant and upbeat track that exudes positivity and good vibes. Throughout the song, the artists express their sense of contentment and joy, regardless of who may take offense to their happiness.

With a catchy melody and infectious beat, “Laka” immediately draws listeners in, inviting them to groove along to its upbeat rhythm. The lyrics are a celebration of life and all its joys, as the artists revel in their good fortune and express gratitude for the blessings they’ve been given.

As the song progresses, Stoma Yomad, Trendy P, and Fineboy Art-san take turns delivering verses that showcase their unique styles and personalities. They rap about their successes, their struggles, and their determination to keep pushing forward, all the while maintaining a carefree and lighthearted tone.

What sets “Laka” apart from other feel-good songs is the way it acknowledges that not everyone will be happy for your success, and that’s okay. The artists refuse to let the opinions of others bring them down or dampen their spirits, choosing instead to focus on the positive and embrace the good things in life.