Towela Kaira ft Majoos x Blood Kid & Xaven – Zingati Mp3 Download

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  • Embark on an enchanting sonic voyage as Towela Kaira transports audiences across borders, from the vibrant rhythms of Congo to the soulful melodies of Zambia in her newest release, “Zingati.” This mesmerizing track showcases Towela’s artistry as she joins the talented Congolese artist, Majoos. Together, they seamlessly fuse the distinct musical flavors of Zambia, featuring the infectious beats of Blood Kid Yvok and the enchanting vocals of the revered Kopala Queen – Xaven. With each note, “Zingati” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of cultural influences, celebrating the diverse musical heritage of both nations while forging a dynamic collaboration that transcends boundaries.