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In a compelling musical collaboration, the talented Zambian singer and songwriter, Yo Maps, reveals his sensational end-of-year anthem titled “Somone,” featuring the accomplished Malawian vocalist, Tay Grin. This remarkable release comes under the umbrella of Yo Maps’ newly established record label, Olios Records, signaling a milestone in his artistic journey.

“Someone” unfolds as more than just a song; it’s a poignant narrative and a heartfelt tribute to a former lover who once doubted the artist’s aspirations. The track takes the listener on an emotional journey, expressing the challenges faced in the pursuit of dreams and the resilience required to overcome skepticism. Through evocative lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, Yo Maps and Tay Grin craft a musical masterpiece that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.

Released under the banner of Olios Records, “Someone” stands as a testament to Yo Maps’ artistic evolution and commitment to creating music that transcends boundaries. The song invites listeners to witness the unfolding chapters of success, emphasizing the profound significance of believing in someone’s vision, even during times of scarcity and uncertainty.

This end-of-year anthem not only showcases the artists’ vocal prowess but also serves as a universal message of perseverance and self-belief. The harmonious blend of Yo Maps’ Zambian flair and Tay Grin’s Malawian finesse creates a musical synergy that captivates audiences, making “Someone” a must-listen for those seeking both sonic pleasure and a meaningful connection with the lyrics.

As the song unfolds, it becomes a celebration of overcoming challenges, proving doubters wrong, and emerging victorious against the odds. “Someone” is an anthem for anyone who has faced skepticism and adversity, encouraging them to stay true to their aspirations and believe in the power of their vision. With Olios Records as the driving force behind this release, the track not only showcases the artists’ talent but also establishes a promising chapter in Yo Maps’ musical journey.


Yo Maps – So Mone Feat. Tay Grin (Official Music Video)