Zambia’s Driver of the Month Awarded Prize by 1xBet, Shares Safe Driving Tips

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Zambia announced the best driver of April in The Smart Driver Of The Month project. The winners were awarded live on Breakfast show on Prime television Zambia.

The first prize of 10,000 ZMW and the Driver of the Month title went to Anthony Chabooka. The second prize of a free First Aid training course at Belsam Driver Training School went to Nalson Kasenga.

During the talk show, lucky winner Anthony Chabooka shared his impressions of the contest.

«I am so thrilled and I have learnt information I may have not known before. Winning this money has encouraged me to continue practicing good road habits consistently.

While the connections between responsible betting and road safety may be indirect, promoting responsible betting and road safety share common goals: encouraging responsible behavior, minimizing risks, and prioritizing safety.

It is a positive gesture by 1xBet and its partner people on the move, promoting responsible driving habits and recognizing individuals who prioritize safety on the road. This alignment with a safety-focused initiative could help rebrand their image and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility!» – Driver of the Month Anthony Chabooka, noted.

Also, Zambia’s best driver shared road safety tips based on his own experiences:

1. Always wear a seatbelt and ensure all passengers do the same.

2. Drive defensively and be aware of your surroundings.

3. Follow traffic rules and regulations, including speed limits.

4. Be cautious of pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users.

5. Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and avoid tailgating.

7. Use headlights and taillights to increase visibility, especially at night.

8. Be mindful of road conditions and adjust your driving accordingly.

9. Remember, safety on the road is everyone’s responsibility! Let’s drive safely and responsibly.

We would like to remind you that in March this year, the responsible bookmaker 1xBet along with its partner Safety for the movie launched The Smart Driver Of The Month social project in Zambia. The project goal is to draw attention to the safety situation on the roads and improve driving culture.

«This is part of our social responsibility as 1xBet in Zambia. We are very concerned about the welfare of Zambian people, especially the safety of all road users. Zambia is losing about 2,000 lives annually from road crashes and losing $910 million every year due to these crashes, according to a 2023 WHO Global report. This is a critical situation that calls for concerted effort from all stakeholders, including ourselves. Our partnership with People on the Move is mainly to help reduce the number of people dying on Zambian roads through various mass awareness projects like the Smart Driver of the Month» – Kafupi Muwana, 1xBet Operations Manager in Zambia, commented.

Within the project, any Zambian can become a Driver of the Month and win the main prize of 10,000 ZMW by answering traffic rules questions correctly! Prizes will go only to those drivers who have no problems with their licenses or traffic violations.

1xBet’s representative emphasized the company’s security and noted the importance of responsible betting.

«Security is our key strategy. You’re right, our support for road safety isn’t coincidental. It resonates with our commitment to safety in betting. Every day, millions of people worldwide place bets on the 1xBet platform. As a reliable and responsible bookmaker, we care about all our players. The company prohibits minors from betting and encourages adults to adopt a responsible attitude towards gambling. We want people to understand and take responsibility for their bets, to learn to control their finances, and know when to stop. Because, let’s agree, when safety rules are followed in everything, life becomes more enjoyable and comfortable» – Kafupi Muwana, 1xBet Operations Manager in Zambia, noted.

The Smart Driver Of The Month contest will run until the end of the year. Subscribe to our social media pages, follow the simple contest conditions, and become the next Smart Driver Of The Month! Let’s make Zambia’s roads safe together! #SmartDriveroftheMonth